Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Thing is coming soon...

The Thing (prequel) is opening up Friday out here.  I am so hyped-up for this movie.


  1. Nice figure!

    Is the film a prequel or a remake?

  2. A prequel. It shows what happened at the Norwegian camp, the burnt-out one MacReady and the Doc went to.

  3. Actually a cool model! All spawn bits?

  4. Oooo Cool nice and slimy looking to.

    Rogue minatures will be making some cash then.

    With there not 'McReady'

  5. Very nice figure and very nicely painted. The gloss varnish really works well.

  6. Yep, it's mostly spawn bits with some chaos heads added here and there. My wife got the Chaos spawn box for me last year as a present. She knew I liked cannibalizing bits from it to make various mutants for the different games I play. I made this to play an "It Came From the Sump" scenario for Necromunda. But I tried making look it could be the Thing. What can I say? I like that movie!

  7. yeh, i cant wait to see the movie, its a long time comeing

  8. A prequel sounds great. I love your thing man...
    and if that sounded wrong...
    I mean....
    your thing is a thing of beauty?.....
    ...that also sounded wrong...
    ..damn...I have kids you know!
    ..goddamn fairy's...
    ...nice thing...oh, I give up!