Saturday, October 22, 2011


As I continue to organize my miscellaneous old figures and Vampire Counts Warhammer stuff, I'm taking time to photograph a few of the models to post on here.  Next up is a figure I did a long time ago that not only saw action on the Warhammer battlefield, but can definitely see action in a future post-apoc game.

 This is a Warhammer plastic giant that I converted into a zombie giant.

Okay, I know that this isn't fair.  When the head/brain is gone, the zombie should be DEAD, you know, really dead, not just undead...but this guy is still shambling around.   Too bad...

Related to Gene Simmons, apparently...

Although the figure is Fantasy-themed, I could make it fit into a near-future post-apocalyptic scenario fairly easily by adding a worn-out tire, or a rusty old shot-up STOP sign to the base.  That woild help make the giant would look like some freakish wild mutant-zombie-thing from the irradiated Wastelands.  (Can't wait for Two Hour Wargames' Post-Apocalyptic ruleset to come out!)



  1. Hehe this is pretty good! He actually looks a bit confused...

    I like how the neck turned out.

  2. Thats great mate. I really like the neck bit it looks really gruesome

  3. Unless some kind of necromantic magic is used I fail to see how this big fellow could remain standing without his head. Or perhaps he's one of those zombies like those found in "Return of the living Dead" whose body parts can still function even if they are separated. The conversion and paintwork are top notch. Nice work, Mike!

  4. @Lord Siwoc - "Hehe this is pretty good! He actually looks a bit confused..."
    Well, he's is modeled on me somewhat...

    @Brummie - You know, the neck was one of the easier things to do. I filled the hole with green stuff and poked it with a push-pin. At the last minute I added a piece of plastic pipe for the neck bone. The rest is paint: red, some black, and a little purple. Plus of course Tamiya red clear gloss - that makes anything look icky...

  5. Amazing work there. Looks very good.

  6. Thats great execution of a funny idea, nice one.

    As a fantasy zombie, he is totally legit. He would require total bodily dismemberment a la Brain Dead/Dead Alive to be stopped: severing the spine wouldnt be enough. Not that it matters :)

    Great blog by the way :)