Monday, February 13, 2012

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Foundry makes (or made) a set of Old West Zombies.  There are seven figures in the set. (Five of them pictured above).

These guys are some of the best zombie figures I've ever bought.  There's lot's of detail on the sculpts, and they look animated, like they're slowly shambling.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I was having an off day!

This is my favorite.  I mean look, he's AIMING the gun!!!

This Dude missed the group picture.

There's one other figure, a one-armed zombie cowboy, but I haven't even primed him yet.  Anyway, these guys make up part of an gang I use when we play an Old West game, along with a mad professor-type in a steam-powered wheelchair, a trio of albino gunslingers, and a damaged gunslinger robot (from West World).  Sometime I'll post the whole gang, but for now, enjoy these guys, and buy them if you can!