Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Mystery Machine Is DONE!!!! (Well, almost...)

I finally got around to adding the various bits of gear to the top of the van, and attached the impaled zombie to the front.  One thing I realized as I started taking pictures is that I forgot to add the license plate to the back to cover the hole there.  But for now I'm making an Executive Decision and officially calling this one DONE!

Here we have the impaled zombie (well, half a zombie) still clawing the front of the van.

Velma shows off the the right side with the pinned-on Scrappy-Doo pelt, which thanks to a suggestion from Brummie now includes the "Urk! I'm dead!"-tongue hanging out.  Thanks Brummie!

Although it's hard to read in this photo,  the back of the van has an Official Zombie Hunting Permit displayed.  Even in the Post-Apocalyptic world the Scooby-Gang follows the rules.  (Except that they're driving around without a license plate!  Urrrghh!  I will fix that sometime soon and cover that hole!)

Nothing too exciting here on the left side.

Let's look at some of the stuff the gang carries around.  There's a bunch of stakes up front, because the gang will be operating in a post-apocalptic world that will have all sorts of nasties, including vampires or vampire-like creatures.  There's a stack of skulls (nice trophies) of significant past victories.  A bloody sledge hammer, good for bashing zombie heads.  A Left-4-Dead health pack.  A bucket of guts to help keep Freddy in line. A basic rolled-up tarp or tent.  A barrel of radioactive toxic goo...I have no idea why.   Several gas cans.  And a burlap-wrapped bale of Shaggy Snacks.  (The Scooby Snacks are kept in the van).

As you can see the van scales pretty good with the figures.  Looks like the Scooby-Gang is ready to start solving post-apocalyptic mysteries, or whatever it is they do in a World Gone Mad...and they'll need all the help they can get as you can see below:


Sam (aka: The Hideous Hive Cat!) made an unexpected appearance a couple of years ago during a game of Necromunda and became the deadliest creature in the Hive.  He's been laying low for long time, but he became very curious as to what I was doing while taking these pictures, so it looks like he might be jumping genres and entering the Post-Apocalyptic Scooby-Doo world...

Be careful Scooby Gang!  If you thought BA Worms were bad, wait till you meet the Hideous Hive Cat!

I added the license plate!  If you don't get the reference then surf on over to the Two Hour Wargames Blog.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mystery Machine WIP - New Year Incremental Progress

The model has dried enough for me to hit it with some matte spray and tone down the glossiness.  I went and touched-up/highlighted, primarlily the letters and flowers.  I added the finishing details to Scrappy, highlighted the Truck Nutz, did some additional minor cleanup.  It looks dirty but that's the look I want, a Post-Apocalyptic-falling-apart piece of machinery.  One of the last things I'll do is add an overall dusting with powdered chalks.

I've started painting the front zombie and the stuff that goes on top separately.    I've documented pretty much all the major steps I do when making something like this, so next posting will be when the whole thing's done. 

Here's it is in its current state:

Oh yeah, I've got some detailling planned for the back.  Yes, that hole will be covered!

The front will look a lot more interesting once I add the blood splatters and the impaled zombie.


Brummie, you are a mad genius...

(To be painted once it's hardened...)