Thursday, October 13, 2011

Filling Out the Farm

I just finished up the additional buildings that go with the barn I have.  Here's what I have now:

Here's the cow shed, and yes, it is pretty boring right now, but it's meant as a filler piece and not eye-candy.  It could be a good building to dart around or hide in to get away from a ravenous zombie horde, assuming there isn't a ravenous zombie herd (of cows) inside.

The chicken coop with some more of the undead little cluckers.  And there's part of Farmer John sticking out of the little chicken door...

A nice dog house for the undead pup-dog rounds things out.

I have enough terrain for some rural scenarios.  Next up is to start working on more suburban and urban terrain.


  1. Looking good. Where is that dog from? it reminds me of somthing but i can't put my finger on it at the minute!

  2. Clucking good work! I clucking love what you're doing here!

  3. @Brummie - It's an old Citadel (GW) miniature. I think it was linked with Mordheim, as part of an Undead warband, but not entirely sure about that part.

    @Kobayachimaru - Thanks! Now I need to send my hapless ATZ survivors out on a rural-scenario.

    @Vampifan - Clucking-Ay brother!

  4. Great work, the Chicken run is very nicely done.

  5. Marvellous work Mike! Where did you get those chickens?

  6. nice, are they scratched built?? i love the dogs name on the house

  7. Fantastic looking stuff. The buildings look great.
    I really like the chickens.

  8. @Smillie - Thanks for the compliment!

    @cmnash - The chickens come with the Plasticville buildings, they include a dozen or so chickens, a rabbit, a goat, and some other critters.

    @shintokamkaze - Nope, no scratch building for me! I'm too lazy for one thing! The buildings are Plasticville O-Scale Farm Outbuildings. All I did was paint them to match my barn.

    @Adam - Thanks. The chickens lack a lot of fine detail, I kinda wish I would've put a little green-stuff on them and then textured it a little to look like feathers, but considering how little time I spent on them I'm happy. On the plus side they're plastic so it's easy to twist their little heads and gouge out wounds to make them more zombie-ish.