Sunday, October 2, 2011

All Things Zombie Batrep

I finally got around to snapping photos and scribbling notes during one of our games.  Some of the pictures are a little fuzzy because all I have is an iPhone to snap photos, but they look good enough to me.  I also got an app on the phone that lets me edit the photos and add comic book text and word balloons, so yeah, I went a little crazy playing with that.  But I had fun doing it.

The following batrep takes place sometime within the first month of the outbreak (I didn't really tie down the time).  The situation so far:

We have our home in the suburbs of Vancouver, WA.  Our house is being barricaded up.  The local neighborhood still hasn't been cleaned out completely.  We have 6 food units, a couple of luxury items (Rum and toilet paper), a bunch of improvised weapons (Garden tools), a Honda Civic (Sedan, no gas).  I have a baseball bat, and am using the rules from the Risks and Rewards Deck (if swung with two hands adds an additional 2d6 to melee).  The only gun is a shotgun that is being used by Next-Door-Neighbor Scott.

For this batrep we decided to go into the nearby neighborhood to scavage supplies.  Next-Door-Neighbor Scott and I will head out on foot.  My wife, Big (Bad) Mama and our two dogs will stay at home and guard it for us, so they won't appear in this batrep.

Let's start!

After another move farther along the street, a zombie charges ConfusedDad.  Being a Star, I calmly waiting for the attacking zombie to reach me (I have no gun to fire pre-emptively).  I do have a basebal bat that I'm using two-handed.  So my melee dice are: 4d6 for my Rep, +1d6 for Brawler, +1d6 for a higher impact weapon, and another +2d6 for the baseball bat's bonus = 8d6 vs. the zombie's measly 1d6.  No contest right?  Well the battle went as follows:

First Round - ConfusedDad = 5 successes        Zombie = 1 sucess
2nd Round - ConfusedDad = 3 successes        Zombie = 1 sucess
(I'm starting to worry a little now)
3rd Round- ConfusedDad = 1 success        Zombie = 0 sucess

The zombie goes down, and I suffer a near heart-attack at almost getting eaten within the first 5 minutes of the game!

Meanwhile, Next-Door-Neighbor Scott decides to blast away at an approaching zombie.

The zombies win the next activation and I'm charged again, but this time the undead fiend went down the
first round.

We decide to book it (fast-move) out of there, although Next-Door-Neighbor Scott unleashes another shotgun blast at the zombies behind us (Misses completely).

A shotgun blast generates 6 chances of riling up another zombie.  Luckily we only generated one.  Next-Door-Neighbor Scott fired at the beginning of the turn, then we moved.  The generated zombies are measured from where the shot was fired.  Guess where it turned up?

ConfusedDad easily takes out the trailer trash. (I'm getting good with this bat, but I still want a gun!)

ConfusedDad decides to search the trailer for loot/allies, and leaves Next-Door-Neighbor Scott outside to guard the rear, a decision Scott is not entirely happy with.

Using the Risk and Rewards Deck, I draw a zombie!  The undead resident lunges towards ConfusedDad but once again the baseball bat proves effective at dealing with the menace.

Next-Door-Neighbor Scott starts to get antsy.

At this point I rolled boxcars on the activation dice, which meant something random happened.  In this case, a hidden zombie burst out of a closet and attacked (Of course...).  ConfusedDad bashed in its head.  A search of the trailer turned up no loot.

ConfusedDad finally exits the trailer as Next-Door-Neighbor Scott thins out the herd a little.

Winning activation again, they both flee towards the police car.

With the zombies in hot pursuit, ConfusedDad decides not to waste time trying to hotwire the cruiser.

ConfusedDad and Next-Door-Neighbor Scott slip around behind the trucks and bus to lose the zombie horde following them.

At this point I made an error.  The zombie horde should've turned to their right as they passed the truck, because that's where they saw ConfusedDad and Next-Door-Neighbor Scott go.  Instead I had them continue wandering straight on off the board.  I don't think it would've made a difference, since I would've had the two heroes try to stay out of sight until they left anyway. 

You gotta admit, a school bus would've been kinda cool...

I rolled a "one"!!!  The keys are in the car!!!!

The car starts on the second try.  The noise of the first start up try actually generated 2 new zombies, but unfortunately my gaming table is actually our dining table, and I was getting kicked off, so I didn't place them.  I also would've explored more of the buildings if I had more time.

And so our heroes exit successfully, with a new car! (With 4 units of gas in the tank).

All-in-all a successful mission, even though I didn't get a gun or gain any allies.  We both killed zombies, we got a resource (car and gas), and neither one was incapacitated.  Afterwards, we both rolled for advancement.  I stayed Rep 4, but Next-Door-Neighbor Scott went up from Rep 3 to Rep 4.

And that's pretty good for one of my games of All Things Zombie. 


  1. Great Battle report I really must try and get hold of those survivor figures they look awesome.

    Check out these forums we could do with the support and you never now might pick up some ideas.

  2. Great battle report, I love that when you clonk a zombie with the baseball bat the sound it makes is "whippity whap" laughed my ass off.

  3. Excellent batrep. I love your scenery and your figures are extremely well painted. I'll be following your blog from now on and I'll pimp it on my own blog.

  4. Great pictures! Fun read, love the zombies talking to each other, lol.

  5. Brilliant! I love the speech bubbles!

    And I like the tone of humour you got in there as well hehe..

    It really comes together with great scenery and well painted miniatures as Bryan said,

  6. @Kobayachimaru - Thanks. It was fun playing the game , a little less fun taking notes, fun shooting the photos, less fun transferring everything to the computer, kinda fun playing around with the comic strip font stuff, really fun to finally finish it!

    @Brummie - I thought the survivors were West Wind figures but apparently they aren't. I'll try to figure out where they came from and let you know. Also, I'm registered on the forum you listed, looks good!

    @Smillie - I'm a big believer in added sound effects to batreps. And remember a "CLONK" is just a single hit with a bat, a "WHAPITTY-WHAP" represents several hits in quick sucession. One must be accurate in these matters.

    @Vampifan - Dude! You're the gold-standard for zombie blogs! I've been reading yours for awhile. I really enjoy seeing your painted figures plus description. I've noted elsewhere that seeing some of these figures in full and glorious color has tipped me over the edge to purchase them. And your batreps really helped me understand the game when I was first starting.

    @brutpal - Having the zombies talk was added at the last minute. Since I made a mistake and had them walk off the table, I fretted for a little bit and then decided to have them talk among themselves to explain why they were leaving. And obviously I'm a fan of the slightly absurd.

    @Lord Siwoc - I'm a big believer in tongue-in-cheek humor in my games - not-over-the-top slapstick but subtle and not-so-subtle goofy stuff here and there. And I like speech bubbles in batreps. It makes those little metal guys seem like they actually have a life, and you can explain what's going on in a fun, easy to read way.

  7. Its cool i think they wher Alpha Forge but they appear to be owned by mega miniatures now

  8. Great batrep +1. I really like your scenery and the comic stuff. Good luck to the 2 survivors.

  9. Great batrep! I can't believe I've missed your blog until now.

    You home improvement on the Plasticville buildings is absolutely fantastic. Your terrain would be a good home for those Lead Adventure Miniatures inspired by "The Road".

    Whiteface / Oliver

  10. @Oll - Thanks! I'm sidetracked by work and real world stuff right now, but the two survivors will be back, along with Big Mama sometime in the near future.

    @Whiteface - I really like the Lead Adventure miniatures. I have a few already, and I will be getting the two "Road" figures soon I hope.
    I'm slowly weathering/dirtying up some more plasticville houses too, trying to make a small neighborhood to have more adventures in. And someday I plan to detail the inside of the houses, like Vampifan does, but that's still pretty far in the future.

  11. That was great. I've been working on my zombie figures but have been distracted by other projects. This has inspired me to get back to it!


    1. Where did you get the streets from and what is the name of the app you were using on your phone?