Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dead Ogres

I'm in the process of cleaning up and organizing some of my old figures, and since I had them out thought I'd post a couple here.  I used to play Warhammer Fantasy, and of course I had a Vampire Counts army because of the zombie-related theme.  For awhile I had a small unit of Ogres as a Dogs of War mercenary group as part of the army.
I have to say they never did very well, but I enjoyed having them out on the field of battle.

A nice big arrow/bolt has impaled this fellow.

This guy has a cannon ball hole in his chest, along with one stuck in his belly-shield thing.

Undead ogre clawing up outta the ground.

I like this guy's nice white teeth.  No cavities!

Spear through the chest.  Ow...

Sorry guys, she has a boyfriend...

Okay, that's it.  None of these ogres would work well in our All Things Zombie campaign, but they may make an appearance in some future post-apocalyptic game. Some sort of wild zombie mutant gangers?


  1. That last one is wrong - funny, but wrong :-P

  2. LMAO they are all brill. The photo of the standard bearer makes me think hes trying to poke my eye out with that spear!

  3. These are just inspired! Totally mad, but inspired!


    Well done, really adds some character!