Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Zombie-Apocalypse Scooby Gang

I completely blame Vampifan for the following.  Back in September he posted a nice review of Hasslefree's (Not) Scooby Gang, and posted pictures of the painted figures.  I had seen the unpainted miniatures on Hasslefree's website before, and had made a mental note to maybe purchase those figures, but then again maybe not.  But once I saw Vampifan's painted figures on his blog, and saw how nice they looked, I decided that I had to get them and add them to my collection somehow.  So I purchase the set from Hasslefree, and the figures went into the big pile of Figures-That-Need-To-Be-Painted-Sometime.  And they would've stayed there for a year or so as other figures worked their way through the painting queue.

But Vampifan also posted the following picture on his blog:

Once I saw this Post-Apocalyptic/Monster-Hunting Velma, the bells and alarms went off in my head and I knew I had to do something similar with my (Not) Scooby Gang.  Once I get an idea like this that fires up my imagination it kinda kicks me into overdrive, so I fretted over the conversions I needed to do, came up with some ideas, and bumped the Scooby figures to the front of the line.  I finished the last one yesterday.  So without any further ado, I give you the Zombie-Apocalypse Scooby Gang:

So what's been happening to the gang since the undead have risen to feast on the living?

Poor Fred doesn't appear to have fared too well.  He's gone from being the gang's leader to being the gang's mascot/house-pet.  An earlier encounter with a zombie that ended poorly for Fred turned him into one living dead.  On the plus side he has more personality now than he did when alive.  Not wanting to put him away for good, the Gang keeps him well-fed with heaping helpings of internal organs, which seems to keep his Must-Feed-On-The-Living instincts in check.   I figured I could use a modified version of the Reich Zombie rules from NUTS! War Without End (Ignores humans within 12" of Daphne). 

Daphne's pretty much the same, still dressing smartly and keeping Fred on a short leash.  She has added a fashionable sidearm to her wardrobe ensemble.

Velma is still the brains of the group.  She's carrying a Left-4-Dead health kit on her back and is brushing up on the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

Shaggy's gone from being an over-eating cowardly stoner to being a well-armed over-eating cowardly stoner.  An unfortunate encounter with a Deadite resulted in Shaggy chopping off his right hand and replacing it with a chainsaw.  On his back he carries his boomstick. It's a twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington shotgun with a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. It's S-Mart's top of the line and retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. 

As Shaggy would say, "Like wow man...Groovy..."

And last but not least is Scooby himself.  Here he carries a couple of trophies from one of the Gang's successful encounters.  Careful Scoob!  They aren't dead until you kill the brain!  You don't want to end up like Fred do you?

Whew!  That's it.  I finally got it out of my system!  I have no idea when or how these guys will make it into a game, but I'll make sure they do somehow.

Thanks again for the inspiration Bryan (Vampifan).  It was fun being really fired up about painting/converting again.


  1. Mike, it has to take some kind of seriously warped logic to come up with something so mind-blowingly brilliant as these! They are, hands down, the best Not-Scooby Gang I've ever seen! Genius, just genius! I'm so glad that I was able to contribute in some small part to this totally wacky and sublime project.

  2. Very very very cool. I sooooo want this set :D

  3. I love what you've done with the set. Very original. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is absolutely brilliant! Well done indeed mate. They are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is brilliant! :o)

    You should post this on (Hasslefree's part of)the Forum Of Doom.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  6. Those are excellent! Great onversions with beautiful paintjobs.

  7. Brilliant. Post-zompocalyptic scoobies have been on my to-do list since I first saw that Threadless t-shirt illustration, but I doubt that I could top your efforts.

    Fantastic work.

    Is a "Misery Machine" in the works?

    If you are looking for a game to use those figures in, Crooked Dice have a scenario for a not-Scooby gang versus zombie game in their 7ombieTV game.

  8. @Vampifan - Thanks Bryan. That picture you posted of Post-Apocalypse Velma just really got the creative juices flowing.

    @Brummie - I wish they would make Post-Apocalyptic or Zombie versions of a lot of different characters from TV and movies.

    @Adam - Thanks for the comments!

    @Lord Siwoc - Why thank you!

    @Whiteface - I've seen the link for the Forum of Doom but never explored it while on their site. I'll check it out. Thanks!

    @Luckyjoe - Thanks. I've actually got to touch up a couple of the figures, minor little things that aren't that noticeable but bug the crap outta me.

    @sho3box - As a matter of fact I'm currently working on one right now. Do you know how hard it was to find a late 60's Dodge A-100 van in the 1:48 to 1:56 scale range? Anyway, work on it is going slow but I will post pics when done.