Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mystery Machine WIP - Some more progress

Here's the latest work that I've been able to do on the van.

I started touching up the paint here and there; rough-painted orange flowers in the wheels and on the body; and used black to base-paint areas that will be metal.

On the back I added a pair of zombie heads as a Post-Zombie Apocalypse form of Truck-Nutz.  For those unaware of Truck-Nutz, it's a typically crass American car accessory.  It's probably best if I just let you Google it for yourselves.

Meanwhile on the other side I base-painted the greenstuff Scrappy-Doo pelt that's tacked to the side.

Just remeber everything is in a real raw, rough form right now.  It will look better, I promise!

There's lot's of stuff to do.  I have a LOT of touch-up/clean-up work to do; need to add rust; paint the "steel" metal pieces (patches, back bumper), add details.  Plus the "dipping", highlighting, weathering, and all the junk that'll go on top.  I hope to get some more done this week-end.


  1. The scrappy doo pelt is going to look great!!

    I like the "nuts" as well, but would they not look better higher up? Maybe close to the window? In this position they will be smashed the second there is a bump in the road.

  2. I am glad to see someone else holds scrappy doo in the same regard that I do ;-)

  3. Oh joy! Scrappy Doo is toast! This is far and away the best accessory you've added so far. I can't wait to see this when it's all finished. Awesome work so far, Mike!

  4. @Lord Siwoc - Realistically the zombie heads would be smashed quickly, but this is a case where Stupid Joke trumps Realism. In all my stuff if something strikes me as funny I'll tend to use it, regardless of how realistic it is. Having the heads up higher wouldn't look like the Truck Nutz I see dangling from various Pick-em Up Trucks almost everyday when I drive to work. So realism goes out the window.

    @Shelldrake - Doesn't everybody hate Scrappy Doo? And don't even get me started on Scooby Dum...

    @Bryan - Yep. Scrappy Doo is toast, and will have the official cartoon X's for eyes in the final product.

  5. LMAO thats awesome and the scrappy doo skin is a neat little touch top stuff CD

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

  6. Man, this is an excellent project. The Zombie head Truck Nutz is very cool, and the Scrappy Doo pelt is just inspired.

  7. Well Mike, you have me inspired, My Scooby has been trawling the net looking for a replacement mystery machine for the gang. I've Found one of these Zingers, Velma has the Haynes manual out working out how to return it to it's original glory. Yet another project I'm into and I hold you fully responsible.
    Love your work