Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Affordable Housing

If you've read the earlier batrep then you've seen the following terrain pieces already.  This is the Plasticville trailer park (comes with 3 trailers) in O-scale. 

With a little bit of work I was able to give them to the grubby, run-down look that permeates all my terrain.

I'm really proud of the dog turds that I sculpted for this one.

And every trailer park needs its Trailer Trash  residents.

Right now I only have 3 trailers, and that hardly counts as a trailer "park".  But I have another box of three waiting for me to get to it, so rest assured it is in the queue. (I just can't promise when I'll get to it...too many other things to do!)


Here's Good Dog Carl - creator of the dog turds:


  1. Wow, I can't believe my eyes! Fantastic scenery!

    The flamingo is a nice detail...and the turds. Still shiny, the dog (dogs) must be somewhere close.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  2. Nice work on those, they look great.

    I have a that set (along with the Hobo Junction set and other non-Plasticville stuff) that I plan to soon add to my post apocalyptic shanty terrain:

    I would love a brief rundown of the techniques that you used to weather the trailers so well, if you can spare the time. The grotty look that you have achieved with your trailers is exactly the sort of thing that I am looking for.

    Fantastic blog by the way :)

  3. Watch out for tornadoes!!!! Really cool stuff there...I really like the old Elvis concert poster.

    Those are 28mm figs out in front?

  4. Fantastic terrain, with great little (stinky) touches. Really nicely painted figures standing out front too.

  5. Holy crap! They are good! I didn't know that Vampifan had a twin brother (fat dude in the red T-shirt), LOL! His two "cousins" sure look pretty but where the heck is the dog with the bowel problems?

    Absolutely amazing work on making your trailer park look so grungy!

  6. Very awesome dude! The little things you have added make these such great pieces of scenery

  7. OMG! The dog chain and snapped collar are pure genius. Great use of a limited palette to achieve some visual unity for your figures, too. Very impressive work.

  8. Excellent!!

    I really hate it that a lot of those selling plasticville in USA only ships to USA. This is what could help me a long way towards my city.

    You have done a great job on these, all very characterful and very different indeed!

  9. @Whiteface - Thanks! I added a pic of Good Dog Carl to the post.

    @sho3box - I went to your site and linked to it. Maybe I should get some tips from you! Great stuff you have there.

    A couple of things with the trailers: I painted them using a Vallejo pastel color, which worked great because it ends up looking faded when you're done. On these particular models I hit them with a brown/flesh wash, and some black wash here and there. That was a couple of years ago, today I would probable try hitting them with Army Quickshade to grunge them up. The other big thing is using weathering powers (chalk!). I used black and brown and greenish yellow here and there, and that probably does more than anything to make these like worn out and and delapidated.

    I will try to put together a more detailed example when I start working on the other batch of trailers, so stay tuned.

    Oh yeah, I want to get the hobo trailer too and add it to the park.

    @WarRaptor - The figures are 28mm Copplestone figurse. I think the girls are from the Urban Cowgirls set, and the guy is from one of the Militia sets.

    @Adam - Why thank you!

    @Vampifan - Yep, the fat dude is the same Copplestone figure - he hasn't been used in a game yet and hasn't acquired a name, but I'm sure ConfusedDad will run into him while exploring one of these days.

    I edited the post and added a pic of Good Dog Carl. I'm going to search Ed's Yahoo site to see if I can find rules about dogs (I know there were some posted some time ago). Anyway, I'd like to see how a dog would fare in one of our games.

    @Brummie - Thanks. Thinking up and adding details is the most enjoyable part of doing these models. Plus I have a bits box(es) with 30+ years worth of accumulated crap that I can sort through and try to figure out how to use on a model.

    @Ambassador - I wish I could claim credit for the dog collar tableau. but I actually saw this in a store some 30 years ago. It was one of those stores that sold all sorts of goofy stuff. One of the items was a package that contained:
    A chewed up dog bowl
    A cahin with a snapped spiked collar on it
    A big chewed up dog bone
    And a big plastic dog turd.

    I remember laughing out loud when I first saw it, and when I was putting together this piece it popped back into my mind and seemed perfect, so I recreated most of it. I wish I knew the name of the genius who first thought it up, I'd thank him or her.

    @Lord Siwoc - Thank you. If you don't mind beat-up buildings, then check eBay for Plasticville stuff. I would think some of those sellers would ship worldwide (although I have no idea of the cost).

  10. holy crap, are they the same models, you did a fantastic job on them, nice touch with the dog s**t

  11. Beautiful (well, not beautiful per se, but you get my point) stuff!

  12. Pure briliance ConfusedDad - you should be proud of the results of your efforts. The difference you have made to the trailers is - quite simply - astounding!

  13. very nice work, plasticville and zombies go together :)

  14. Very nice work indeed! I look forward to seeing the additional trailers.