Thursday, April 12, 2012

I told you that this was a sporadically-updated quasi-blog...

Arg!...I finally got a little free time to do a quick post here.  The Real World (work, kids, dogs, etc) has been keeping me busy for awhile. I've restarted organizing my stuff again, and thought I'd post something I used in my Vampire Counts army when I played Warhammer.

I used this little tableau to represent 4 zombies in my rank and file zombie horde.

The zombies are the regular goofy-looking Warhammer zombies.  The unfortunate victim came from the Warhammer Giant box.  I really like the way the victim came out, but felt a little sorry I did that to him.


  1. I still think that the Citadel plastic zombies are amongst the worst on the market with their silly giant hands and heads and incorrect anatomy. But... your painting and posing of these is excellent. A very nice vignette.

  2. I, on the other hand, like their cartoonish style :P

    Don't be sorry for the victim, its war out there!

    Great idea, using little diorama as such for variety in the ranks

  3. I find the Warhammer Zombies look good for where they are used, with other Warhammer figures. I certainly wouldn't want to mix them with any of the other modern Zombies lines.

  4. Nice unit filler. Really great looking scene

  5. That's an excellent vignette. Great job the victim.

  6. Gruesomely excellent sir. Stuff like this (oddly) makes me think about getting back into warhammer again.

  7. The feast!

    Start rolling for sanity boys!!

    Hehe nicely done!