Monday, September 5, 2011

2 Down...2 to Go

I finished these two zombie-apocalypse survivors just a couple of days ago, and I'm pleasantly surprised how they turned out.  They are of course Francis and Bill from Left 4 Dead, and they were pretty easy to convert.

To create Francis, I started with an EM4 Future Skirmish Biker figure.  I had to file off his beard, his pontytail, and his chest hair.  The rest is just painting.

Bill stated life as an Assault Group US Delta in Civilian Clothes figure (Third from the right).  I had to use greenstuff to sculpt a beret on his head, and add a paperclip cigarette. Again, the rest is painting.

ZGames was our friendly local gaming store, but is now, sadly, out of business.
This O-Scale building is where they'll have a few battles.  I actually completed this a couple of years ago, but the front has some obvious Left 4 Dead references so I wanted to include it with these two.

Francis discovers some goodies on the roof.

Things look bleak for our two heroes, but I'm sure they'll be getting some help shortly.

Actually, I'm little less confident about the other two members.  I found a pretty good Zoey figure, but Louis is more problematic, and right now my conversion looks...odd.  Anyway, those two are works-in-progress, but as I complete them I'll post them up and make sure Bill and Francis get some backup.

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