Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boomer Burgers - Bursting with flavor!

I just finished this piece of terrain a couple of days ago.  The building is an O-scale diner from K-Line, I think.  (The Plasticville diner would work just as well).  I was too lazy to cut out letters from foamcore, but was lucky enough to find some wooden letters at a local craft store.  The idea of a "Boomer Burgers" joint was something I've been thinking about for about two years now; I just finally got around to putting all the pieces together.

The diner was painted with blue and silver craft paints, then hit with Army Painter medium shade and some black chalk to make it weathered and wore out.

One of the reasons it took so long to get this thing together is because I had to find time (and inspiration) to put together the Boomer Big Boy.  For those who don't quite get the reference, Shoney's Big Boy is a restaurant chain throughout the Eastern U.S.   Their stores all have a big plastic "Big Boy" out front, it's somewhat of an iconic feature.  Being a big fan of the Left 4 Dead video game, it wasn't too big of a leap (at least for me) to mash the two together into something slightly absurd.

Here's what a real Big Boy looks like

Here's my finished "Boomer Big Boy"  I started with a Warhammer Ogre body.  I used green stuff to sculpt a burger, a belly and pants, and the spiffy Big Boy hair.  And of course some spewing Boomer Bile.

Well all this posting has made me hungry, so I'm going out for a burger.  Enjoy!

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